CBCD2The world is now changing also donors’ approach due to a number of causes at the global level. The impact of economic recession facing the industrialized countries is now apparent. Access to resources is now becoming a major challenge to all philanthropic organizations operating in poor countries because of significant reduction of funding that has been coming from external donors. Hence, we are now witnessing fierce completion among Civil Society Organizations ( CSOs) to get meager resources from the donors in question.

Furthermore, donors have already started to say aloud to their implementing partners to adopt different strategies to meet children’s needs. Most of them are now unwilling to support residential child care programs and argue that this scheme is no more a viable option because it is too expensive to manage. Furthermore, they claim that children in institutional care shall fail to abide by societal norms on account of their lack of attachment to the community. It is also the last option by the government.

In view of the above facts and circumstances, EOC-CFAO’s future direction is among others to continue implementation of community-based child support programs across the country which eventually leads to the improvement of the socio-economic status of the entire community and meeting the basic needs of children under difficult circumstance. Additionally, EOTC-CFAO is planning to establish new partnership with potential donors and other stakeholders and strengthen the existing ones which are instrumental to access resources, and exchange practical experience on matters that affect the lives of poor children and ensure greater realization of their wellbeing.