EOTC-CFAO’s Vision

‘’To See Poverty Free, Economically, Socially, Morally, And Spiritually Empowered Society In Which Children’s Right Are Respected ’’

 EOTC-CFAO’s mission

 “To create an economic, social and physical environment conducive to balanced mental, emotional, spiritual and in general personality development of children through empowering families, increased interventions with the active participation of all stakeholders including the children and the community at large.”

Values and Principles

  • Commitment & dedication to continuous learning
  • Team work and mutual support
  • Partnership
  • Non-discrimination
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Transparency and Accountability.
  • Gender Sensitivity
  • Sustainability

Programmatic area Goals


  1. Reinforce holistic  services to the beneficiaries;
  2. Replicate /expand/ community based child support programs to reach wider community;
  3. Establish regular Planning, monitoring and evaluation of programs/projects,


  1. To strengthen psychosocial  services to the beneficiaries in all programs
  2. To facilitate extra curricula/sporting & recreational/ services to the beneficiaries
  3. To replicate  and double community based child support program by 2015 to reach wider community
  4. Develop an integratedcommunity centred development projects
  5. Promote the advantages of community based child care and support
  6. To establish planning and programming system
  7. Establish and update M&E system for project / programs sustainability


Major Strategy

  1.  Initiating and implementing community  based child development Program
  2. Creating partnership and networking with GOs and NGOs
  3. Creating external Relations for acquiring all round support 
  4. Promoting systematic and sustained  dialogue and action
  5. Resource mobilization
  6. Encourage stakeholders participation in the entire process of program implementation
  7. Facilitating and coordinating capacity building activities