1. Institutional Child Care Projects with KNH, SECA, OSJ, Hilfes Waise,  Cyprus Church  and Reta Marley Foundation

Orphans girls and boys from destitute families are admitted to hostels where care, which is normally provided within a family, is given.  Education, spiritual well-being and eventual reintegration of the beneficiaries are the major preoccupations.

 2. Child reunification & Youth integration projects with KNH , SECA,  Rita Marley Foundation, Cyprus Church, Ethiopian Foster ship,

i. Child family reunification program – This is a program whereby children who have been under residential care are re-united with biological relatives, or guardians as the support continues.  However, not all children/youth who are under reunification program have been under residential care.

ii. Youth reintegration – This program is primarily designed for children over 18 years of age and lives either in-groups or alone in rented houses.  Youths under this program are mainly those in colleges, vocational training centers, or universities.  They live in the community like anybody else but are paid a monthly stipend to take care of their livelihoods.

iii. Family Empowerment and Community Based Child Support  Project with   KNH,  Child Fund Ethiopia ,  Global Fund Round 7,  Pact Ethiopia

a. Family empowerment program – This is a program designed to benefit women headed families.  The program consider credit schemes for families to generate own incomes through petty trades such as food processing, grains, livestock restocking, retailing of paraffin and other household items.

b. Community based child support – This is a program which is primarily designed to assist the community through education, health care, income generating activities, etc., by taking the child as an entry point and stipend is one means among others.  The program addresses the needs of disadvantaged children in relation to access to health care and nutrition, education, psychosocial development and economic empowerment to ensure the upbringing of healthy, socially adjusted, and productive citizens.

iv. Health Care Service  (Migebebare Senay General Hospital)