Major Duties

  1. Ensures delivery of institution based childcare for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in existing CCCs, reunification of children with family, and reintegration of youth with communities.
  2. Provides counseling and guidance services as well as technical and professional support to CCCs through monitoring, evaluation, and capacity building programmes.
  3. Responsible for human resource and institutional development; prepares long term and short term plans for training of CFAO’s personnel; reviews the organization of the CFAO and accordingly causes the introduction of modern organization and management methods.
  4. Ensures the observance of CFAO’s rules and regulation governing recruitment, transfer, promotion, discipline, retirement and exit of the organizations human resources.
  5. Administers the material resources CFAO; ensures safety and security; develops control mechanisms that safeguard property; and follows up the provision of adequate general services to the organization.